Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One door closes, the other one opens

I accidentally deleted my 2 blogs, that I've had for 3 years, unable to recover them, here I go, starting again, starting fresh.  I am writing this from 1606 SE 50th Street, Portland... one block away from Hawthorne.  I am here sitting in the couch of the little apartment we rented for the 5 days, it's been amazing.

Monday we drove to Mission to get Mom's car and drop off the puppies at the dog sitter.  Next time we go away we'll rent a place that takes dogs, so they can come along, or we'll go camping with our 3 dogs.  Maybe :)  They stopped us at the border for the first time ever, and took my organic tomatoes and avocados: who cares!

I LOVE GPS! wow GPS lady, we love ya! recalculating... recalculating....

When we got close to the I-5 we found a Cost-Cutter, so we stopped to buy some mexican candy... yum!!  I drove 5 more hours and we got to Portland.  Parked the car and we went  for a walk out to Hawthorne!! How fun, how inspiring, how different.  Triana found the craziest punk boots at The Red Light for $22. We loved it.
Had pizza and a beer at Hot Lips.... yummmmm...!!!

Tuesday I drove the kids to Washington Square Mall, to the Lego shop, a must stop for Diego.  After 2 hours I was done, I hate malls. So we went to see Jesse at his studio.  Oh my god.  He's just a genius and I can't say it any other way:
He showed me his new giant pieces and WOW... I was stunned: holly wonderfullness!! He told me how he bought a native mask in Vancouver, stories about his tattoos and how it all connected together with his art, his nomination for an award at a museum and wow, it was just so great.  We picked up our pieces and left, so full of new, all new... I almost want to cry when I think about it.

We came back to Hawthorne and wondered around Powell Books, Vintage Pink, Cool Cottons, and tons of little shops along the way, super coolnesss!!!!!!

Wednesday was the day to go downtown.  Took the bus to the Portland Art Museum, saw lots of stuff and Keith Goodhart's show: incredible colours, composition and materials.  Pioneer Square, the original Powell Books, Dr. Martin's boots, Pearl District and mini burger joint.

And this is now.  We are back at the apartment, full of experiences, joy and happiness.    Tomorrow and just hang out a coffee shop, write, take pictures and make art.  The 3 of us.  We will go back friday as planned and tomorrow will be a day to enjoy quietly, before we go back... recalculating, recalculating...!!

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