Sunday, July 3, 2011

The story of the Bunnies

My son Diego (now a non stop talking parrot, before an apraxic kid, who didn't really talk until he was 6 or 7) is a crazy artist at 8 and a half years old, asked me to make him a stuffed bunny.  I like to find ways to engage the kids in the process of everything creative, so I asked him to make a drawing of what the bunny would look like.  The rest is just pictures.............. take a look .....

Diego's drawing of the Bunny

Pattern on fabric ready to cut!

All pieces cut, ready to sew...

Sewed.. ready to stuff.....


"I luv ma bunny...... Mom you're a genius"
(he didn't really say that)

Hey... what are you doing here?????

Ohhh... ok, yeah.....

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