Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little Works and an altered monkey............

Yes, we survived the first week of school!!! Here's some little works (6" x 6" on paper, $12 each, FREE shipping) that I had a BLAST making, check them out:

I have a friend that once had a pet bull.  YES, it is TRUE and he lives in Spain.  He rescued the bull from certain death and Correton followed him EVERYWHERE.

"Big flower, little flower"
I drew this the other day when the kids went back to school.  Triana started high school and I remembered how little she was (not so long ago).

"Lots a cats"
Who has 2 cats and is standing on a bunch of letters?

I drew this without a plan to make a "mirrored" image, I really liked it, super fun, but my fav is the unexpected lil guy in the corner.

I started this drawing in June when we were in Portland and I had lost it.  I'm happy with the outcome... cool!!

"Altered Monkey"
This is my first of many more.  I am going to FIX stuffies.  I bought this one at Winners and I altered it, super fun!!! He has a pocket for another monkey.

11" x 17" mixed media on paper
Made this boy at a workshop at Arts Umbrella last week, I had so much fun!!

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