Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cool comment from a new friend in Romania

" I love your toys! When I saw the for the first time, I almost felt like a long gone missing child in a toystore... with one thought and desire: I want that one to be my friend! ;)"

Grigore Madalin 

I love it when somebody just nails it.  This is what my stuff is about.
Thanks so much Grigore!

Monday, October 10, 2011

More drawings.....

"Greg and Lorna"
8" x 8" ink on paper

Greg and Lorna went for a walk. They stopped to admire the ocean, the trees, the mountains, the sand... took a series of calm breaths and time seemed like it stood still.

"Papa Bull, Son Bull"
8" x 8" ink on paper

Papa Bull and Son Bull went for a walk over the hill and to the shore to find some salt. Papa Bull taught Son Bull how to have a taste of yummy salt water.

8" x 8" ink on paper

Brothers are friends. They do things together like staring and burping contests. These brothers walk together.

"Horsie and his house"
8" x 8" ink on paper

Horsie built his dream house, on his dream place, close to the sun.

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