Thursday, December 29, 2011


for the love, friendship and support of my mother
for my wonderful children that I adore with each cell of my being
for my amazing sisters and brothers that I love so much
for my days with Fabi in the spring
for my healthy wonderful companions of walks Lucy, Nut & Lana
for my sweet family in Mexico that I miss terribly every year
for the new friendships and the strength of the old
for my job at Arts Umbrella that I enjoy and do with all my heart
for all my little students that work so hard for me
for the magnificent local little shops that sell my art
for my wonderful clients that love my stuff
for the amazing teachers that teach Diego
for Janice's advice regarding barn stuff
for the beautiful walks at the beach
for all that yummy food
for the lessons learned & all the discoveries made

Welcome 2012... abundant, happy, adventurer, promising, loving!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stuff your own . . . for the stocking!

Starting today.... Dec 11th... all unstuffed Figos are $20 and FREE Shipping.... You can mail it in a regular envelope or slide it a stocking.  Go to my etsy shop:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I wish.....

More wishes collected at Plush..... amazingly profound and fun!! Thanks everybody!!

I wish... my best friend didn't have cancer
I wish... I was a pirate.  or a ninja.
I wish... my mother finds a peaceful place for herself
I wish... people would treat the world with more care and compassion
I wish... people were nicer to animals
I wish... we would stop killing the planet
I wish... I could remember my dreams
I wish... I had more time
I wish... that I knew my father better
I wish... for financial independence for myself and my family and my friends
I wish... to have someone design and create my doll idea
I wish... for sick kids to get better soon.  Yoel Sasky
I wish... for my own family
I wish... people would listen to their intuition
I wish... I didn't have to work so hard for so little
I wish... for the whole world to be really really healthy
I wish... the people walking with umbrellas would leave the area under the awnings for the rest of us
I wish... that I get a Figo doll for Christmas!
I wish.. I had a super hero secret identity
I wish... for health & 50 million dollars so I can start up an animal rescue sanctuary
I wish... Our country's leaders would work harder to make Canada a real part of the solution to the world's environmental problems
I wish... to be open to inspiration and to be able to channel it into artistic and useful projects that bring beauty and joy to the world

Monday, December 5, 2011

I wish....

This is so inspiring.... to remember the goodness in people.  Thank you to everybody who wished...

... for a nice boyfriend

... people would use their stupid turn signals more

... homeless children have food

... we would all just get along

... I could hang out with Liam after the show tomorrow!

... we were leaving a better world for our children

... for the courage to move past my boundaries and seek creative ways to make the world a better place

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The wish that made me cry....

Here's the wish that made me cry... Just because I wished the same thing when I made the FIRST figo.... (even tho Diego is not autistic, he couldn't talk).... my heart goes out to this mom and I wish the same for her too!!

I wish... my son would start recovering from his autism and start speaking so that he can say " I love you mommy"

I Wish.....

These are the wishes from the huge Figo at Plush on Main in November.  I wish they ALL come true..... wonderful people!! Thank you so much Brigitte for all your hard work.  ENJOY......

I wish... I'll get the inspiration I need to decide what I want to be when I grow up

I wish... Pluto was still a planet.  Poor Pluto

I wish... everyone would work harder to see situations from the perspective of other people

I wish... For world peace and happiness

I wish... I could fly

I wish... I will be an awesome baker one day and own my own cozy bakery

I wish... money didn't matter

I wish... My best friend and I could have unicorns to ride

My table at Urban Artisans

Last Sunday at the Roundhouse.  It was super fun!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Bunnies in the Vancouver Sun today!!