Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I wish.....

More wishes collected at Plush..... amazingly profound and fun!! Thanks everybody!!

I wish... my best friend didn't have cancer
I wish... I was a pirate.  or a ninja.
I wish... my mother finds a peaceful place for herself
I wish... people would treat the world with more care and compassion
I wish... people were nicer to animals
I wish... we would stop killing the planet
I wish... I could remember my dreams
I wish... I had more time
I wish... that I knew my father better
I wish... for financial independence for myself and my family and my friends
I wish... to have someone design and create my doll idea
I wish... for sick kids to get better soon.  Yoel Sasky
I wish... for my own family
I wish... people would listen to their intuition
I wish... I didn't have to work so hard for so little
I wish... for the whole world to be really really healthy
I wish... the people walking with umbrellas would leave the area under the awnings for the rest of us
I wish... that I get a Figo doll for Christmas!
I wish.. I had a super hero secret identity
I wish... for health & 50 million dollars so I can start up an animal rescue sanctuary
I wish... Our country's leaders would work harder to make Canada a real part of the solution to the world's environmental problems
I wish... to be open to inspiration and to be able to channel it into artistic and useful projects that bring beauty and joy to the world

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