Saturday, December 29, 2012

I wish.... I could unsend that text

Hi all,
These are some of the wishes retrieved from the huge Figo's pockets at PLUSH ON MAIN.  I am always so touched my the goodness in people's hearts.  Some of the wishes are super fun too... enjoy!

I wish.....

I could unsend that text
Hollywood romances existed outside of Hollywood
All beings live with love and kindness
I could have a little Figo too
Disabilities in children and adults didn't exist
That everyone treated strangers like they're already friends
We would stop torturing animals
For a lockett made by Cagey B
Everyone had good food to eat
Superman was real.  Or even Batman.  Yeah, I would totally be ok with Batman
For a better relationship with Val
People were more grateful for the things they already have
My son would have more friends
That our species could break it's addiction to fossil fuels
I had someone
I had money to pay my rent and bills on time every month
I could travel more
That unicorns jumped on rainbows
Life had a "RESET" button
The Doctor was real.  No wait, I wish I WAS the Doctor.
I hadn't wasted all that time and money on a useless education
That everyone could have an apple tree greowing at their home so we could all crunch delicious apples together.  Poppy&Sabet
I could fit into last years pants
Money DID grow on trees
I'd worked harder in school
Vancouver cops would start enforcing the traffic laws
There was more time
I got along better with my mom
I wasn't so alone
Owning a home in the city I love wasn't so far out of my reach
Everybody a happy Chrismast (not a typo and in kids handwritting:)
That everyone in the world can be happy
Cancer was 100% curable
I could remember what I wished for last year! I wonder if it came true?
Every good wish that people wish comes true...

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