Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I have been thinking a lot about Spain and my family there lately.  1.20m x 1.20m  (4' x 4') Mixed Media on wood panel....


Friday, August 2, 2013

More summer works... super insane productiveness...

"Look into my eyes"
Mixed media on book board
8" x 11"

"Red Bunny"
Mixed Media on book board
8" x 11"

"Princess in my pocket"
Mixed Media on book board
8" x 11"

"Big and Little"
Mixed Media on book board
8" x 11"

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer works

"Crossing Turtle"
Mixed Media on book board
8" x 11"

"Cuatro Diablos"
Crossing Turtle
Mixed Media on book board
8" x 11"

"Holding Hands"
Crossing Turtle
Mixed Media on canvas
9" x 7"

Kitty's Flight
Mixed Media on book board
8" x 11"

"Me and Soft Kitty"
Crossing Turtle
Mixed Media on book board
8" x 11"

"Stitchy Creature"
Crossing Turtle
Mixed Media on book board
8" x 11"

"Spider Cat"
Crossing Turtle
Mixed Media on canvas
7" x 9"

Wishes from Bird on a Wire

These are the wishes that the huge figo got while visiting Bird on a Wire:

I wish for my daughters to know happiness and love
I wish for no more poverty
I wish that I will find direction, and my niche and for things to make sense
Get a job I love  + be close to the one I love
Not only to find someone who won't hurt me, but someone I won't hurt either
To become a successful established designer and photographer within the next couple of years
I wish for happiness for me and all :)
I wish to have my friends back By Erin
I wish I can study abroad again
That my friends come to know the grace that I've experienced
I wish to meet a new love soon
My wish is to have a baby soon :)
I wish to get into the OR nursing :)
For my parents to be happy
Healthy and happy mom
I wish for good health and happiness for all of my family, friends and strangers
I wish everything was made of candy from Esabella
And happy
I wish for a wonderful world full of love.. Hoot-ray!!
I wish for a ginger bread house  Esabella
I wish my best friend and I will stay in love. M.
A healthy baby
My wish is for a life filled with love and happiness; above all, Truth.
I wish to win our scavenger hunt
I wish I had an ipod touch
A successful and fullfilling venture that creates employment, community and promotes love.  (E.C.)
I wish to plant a seed and watch it grow (or somehow keep a plant alive)
A healthy baby!
I wish I could see orcas at Cortes Island! A
I wish for my best friend to have a very safe journey to Sweden throughout the year.  I'm going to miss her.
I wish I had a pogo stick. Annie (3)
Play Warped Tour/yet signed with a record label!
I wish my thesis was done
I wish I could get a job that has to deal with photos + history. Thanks
I wish sandwich guy would ask me out
I want to live in a gypsy vardo of our own!
Healthy happy baby and family too!
I wish people would stop dying, hating each other or divorcing in my family.
I wish to have size B boobies
I wish for feeling of freedom.  Thank u
I wish to be independently wealthy
For Beth's health
I wish to fall in love again, but please no more pain
That I be successful in my work and that I experience joy and happiness deeply and often.  Thank-you.
Money & happiness
Everything will be alright for us!
I wish I had a ponee
I wish to go to Argentina first class stay one month and learn tango
I want to be very successful and let go of what people are doing to me
Hope to be rich anytime :)
Dylan I wish I had a fish
I am finally happy, accept things as they are
I wish that things will get better and that I'll be happy.
That we find our next home soon
I wish to become that person who is always involved with society and community to make this world a bit better.  Emilie.
I wish Karen's store could get better.  from Esabella a kid
I wish to own 5 stores across Canada selling local art/craft work only.  Support to our local artists!
Healthy Centered Happy Peace Whole Strong
I wish for love and a child
That my dad and uncle won't be in pain
I wish I could speak with my dog. Bow Bow
To see Dina again
Health, Happiness and much LOVE
I wish for financial abundance for me and my studio staff
I wish for happy days ahead
I wish, I wish, I wish I were a Jellyfish
I wish that my girlfriend will say yes when I ask her to marry me
I could get past thus mindless vacuons city life
I wish for a career in Literature
I wish my parents will always be healthy and dad's business will be strong.  I also wish me and Colin will stay together forever. Sab :)
I hope I will see a whale
I wish to find happiness in Scotland and meet my friends in person one day.
That I get a job
I wish for a drama-free life!
I wish I was good at knitting
Hayley wishes for a blue couch for her bedroom
Healthy baby next time around :)
I wish to bring health and happiness to all that I meet.  I also wish for everyone to share a smile with a stranger every day.  You never know, you might just bring brightness to their day. Thanks so much Figo!
I wish that my boyfriend can go to the same university as me (McGill University). E.
I wish I could learn to be happy
For tall trees to grow
I wish to be an astronaut when I grow up
Healthy baby
I want to direct my movie
Let me have a good and happy life where ever it may be.  Let Sean get into the Navy.
I wish things could be simple
Be bride of Ryan
Wishing that everyone discovers the path the are meant to be on
I wish that my family and I have a very happy year and we all get to be together at once, at least one time this year.
I want the dream job!
To be successful selling my illustrations and cards
I wish for creative awesomeness!!
I wish health and happiness for my sister in Austin Texas
That crafters remember that men too buy, I support art, will and the well turned.
I wish I had a parrot!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Post Cards ready to ship to the Postcard show

Set of postcards going to the Postcard Show.. June 7-9th at the Ayden Gallery.  Check it out:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wishes from Huge Figo in Whistler

I wish.....

My Level 2 certification  next week   .... AMI 19/3/13
I could have a puppy ... Madeline on Friday
Rockman would come alive .... Isaac  Tiedeman
Superheroes were real.... Judahbug + Mommy
I could make wishes forever... Logan, 4
We could go swimming  @ Grandman Hotel
That one day I will be free and be a artist.  One day people would appreciate from me.  Ella Tiedeman, 7 years
I had powers... Ella Tiedeman
Logan wishes that he can watch a show
For peace on earth
The rain was snow
I wish I have a picture of a polar bear ... Clarissa
People were friendlier
It would hurry up and get better already
After this nice trip Canada trip I will have a baby with me & Kevin.  We'll have a warm family..... Katty B
I had a puppy
I wish BB grows up happy and healthy every day.  Wish full of blessings at our family... Lilian from HK
That my children grow up tp be happy .. Shawn Tiedman (P.S.  Thank you dad from ET)
I want to win the lotto!
I could move to Whistler
That I could g to the X games
That people would accept me for who I am and would same the beauty in my monster
I can get Angry Birds Space set up ... Liam Van Spronsen
I could take my family to Hawaii .... Anita Burleson
I cod trhin to a farea
Someone would kiss me under the mistletoe
I could go on a real live stage!  ... Jenny
That one day I will be able to fly forever! Love, Claudia Stodt

Monday, April 1, 2013


So grateful to have sold these pieces at the Whistler show, plus a bunch of stuffies and Figos:  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Siblings" my first work this spring

mixed media on canvas
36" x 48"

Same but different. creatures with antennas, wings, silly tails. each amazing on its own and part of one. evolving at their own pace.  ready for take offs and landings.  contrast and blending.  apparently invisible ties.  clearly united.  insanely loved.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Some of my new work showing at the Whistler Arts Council until the end of March

I went to set up my show today to Whistler with my super bro Ro.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The roads were clear.  The people at the gallery super helpful.  The artwork looks really amazing.  I am very grateful and very happy.  These are some of the new works.

Mixe Media on Canvas
23" x 16"

"Brought My Lunch"
Mixed Media on Canvas
23" x 16"

Mixed Media on Canvas
23" x 16"

Mixed Media on Canvas
23" x 16"

"Letter Play Totem"
8" x 8"

Friday, March 8, 2013

SOLO show at Whistler Arts Council

Super excited to show at the Whistler Arts Council this Spring Break... Come check it out!!!