Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wishes from Huge Figo in Whistler

I wish.....

My Level 2 certification  next week   .... AMI 19/3/13
I could have a puppy ... Madeline on Friday
Rockman would come alive .... Isaac  Tiedeman
Superheroes were real.... Judahbug + Mommy
I could make wishes forever... Logan, 4
We could go swimming  @ Grandman Hotel
That one day I will be free and be a artist.  One day people would appreciate from me.  Ella Tiedeman, 7 years
I had powers... Ella Tiedeman
Logan wishes that he can watch a show
For peace on earth
The rain was snow
I wish I have a picture of a polar bear ... Clarissa
People were friendlier
It would hurry up and get better already
After this nice trip Canada trip I will have a baby with me & Kevin.  We'll have a warm family..... Katty B
I had a puppy
I wish BB grows up happy and healthy every day.  Wish full of blessings at our family... Lilian from HK
That my children grow up tp be happy .. Shawn Tiedman (P.S.  Thank you dad from ET)
I want to win the lotto!
I could move to Whistler
That I could g to the X games
That people would accept me for who I am and would same the beauty in my monster
I can get Angry Birds Space set up ... Liam Van Spronsen
I could take my family to Hawaii .... Anita Burleson
I cod trhin to a farea
Someone would kiss me under the mistletoe
I could go on a real live stage!  ... Jenny
That one day I will be able to fly forever! Love, Claudia Stodt

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