Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wishes from Bird on a Wire

These are the wishes that the huge figo got while visiting Bird on a Wire:

I wish for my daughters to know happiness and love
I wish for no more poverty
I wish that I will find direction, and my niche and for things to make sense
Get a job I love  + be close to the one I love
Not only to find someone who won't hurt me, but someone I won't hurt either
To become a successful established designer and photographer within the next couple of years
I wish for happiness for me and all :)
I wish to have my friends back By Erin
I wish I can study abroad again
That my friends come to know the grace that I've experienced
I wish to meet a new love soon
My wish is to have a baby soon :)
I wish to get into the OR nursing :)
For my parents to be happy
Healthy and happy mom
I wish for good health and happiness for all of my family, friends and strangers
I wish everything was made of candy from Esabella
And happy
I wish for a wonderful world full of love.. Hoot-ray!!
I wish for a ginger bread house  Esabella
I wish my best friend and I will stay in love. M.
A healthy baby
My wish is for a life filled with love and happiness; above all, Truth.
I wish to win our scavenger hunt
I wish I had an ipod touch
A successful and fullfilling venture that creates employment, community and promotes love.  (E.C.)
I wish to plant a seed and watch it grow (or somehow keep a plant alive)
A healthy baby!
I wish I could see orcas at Cortes Island! A
I wish for my best friend to have a very safe journey to Sweden throughout the year.  I'm going to miss her.
I wish I had a pogo stick. Annie (3)
Play Warped Tour/yet signed with a record label!
I wish my thesis was done
I wish I could get a job that has to deal with photos + history. Thanks
I wish sandwich guy would ask me out
I want to live in a gypsy vardo of our own!
Healthy happy baby and family too!
I wish people would stop dying, hating each other or divorcing in my family.
I wish to have size B boobies
I wish for feeling of freedom.  Thank u
I wish to be independently wealthy
For Beth's health
I wish to fall in love again, but please no more pain
That I be successful in my work and that I experience joy and happiness deeply and often.  Thank-you.
Money & happiness
Everything will be alright for us!
I wish I had a ponee
I wish to go to Argentina first class stay one month and learn tango
I want to be very successful and let go of what people are doing to me
Hope to be rich anytime :)
Dylan I wish I had a fish
I am finally happy, accept things as they are
I wish that things will get better and that I'll be happy.
That we find our next home soon
I wish to become that person who is always involved with society and community to make this world a bit better.  Emilie.
I wish Karen's store could get better.  from Esabella a kid
I wish to own 5 stores across Canada selling local art/craft work only.  Support to our local artists!
Healthy Centered Happy Peace Whole Strong
I wish for love and a child
That my dad and uncle won't be in pain
I wish I could speak with my dog. Bow Bow
To see Dina again
Health, Happiness and much LOVE
I wish for financial abundance for me and my studio staff
I wish for happy days ahead
I wish, I wish, I wish I were a Jellyfish
I wish that my girlfriend will say yes when I ask her to marry me
I could get past thus mindless vacuons city life
I wish for a career in Literature
I wish my parents will always be healthy and dad's business will be strong.  I also wish me and Colin will stay together forever. Sab :)
I hope I will see a whale
I wish to find happiness in Scotland and meet my friends in person one day.
That I get a job
I wish for a drama-free life!
I wish I was good at knitting
Hayley wishes for a blue couch for her bedroom
Healthy baby next time around :)
I wish to bring health and happiness to all that I meet.  I also wish for everyone to share a smile with a stranger every day.  You never know, you might just bring brightness to their day. Thanks so much Figo!
I wish that my boyfriend can go to the same university as me (McGill University). E.
I wish I could learn to be happy
For tall trees to grow
I wish to be an astronaut when I grow up
Healthy baby
I want to direct my movie
Let me have a good and happy life where ever it may be.  Let Sean get into the Navy.
I wish things could be simple
Be bride of Ryan
Wishing that everyone discovers the path the are meant to be on
I wish that my family and I have a very happy year and we all get to be together at once, at least one time this year.
I want the dream job!
To be successful selling my illustrations and cards
I wish for creative awesomeness!!
I wish health and happiness for my sister in Austin Texas
That crafters remember that men too buy, I support art, will and the well turned.
I wish I had a parrot!

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